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Services - Broken Window Repairs

Do you have a broken window panel in your property? Let us help you sort that out. Call us or email so we can send our qualified tradesmen to your aid.

When you contact us we will need to know what room in the broken or cracked glass is – this lets us have some idea of what glass will be required to meet the building regulations. For example bathroom glass is required to be safety glass. All door glass (both internal & external) & often door surround glass is also required to be safety glass. Our glaziers & staff can help you with this.

We need to know how high the floor a glass panel is – anything under 700mm from floor level also requires safety glass. Roughly speaking if you are inside standing close to the glass panel, if the glass goes below your waist height it is likely to require safety glass.

We need to know an approximate size for the panel that needs replacement. Just measure with a ruler or tape the glass you can see. Our glaziers will cut the glass to size onsite, but it helps to ensure they have a panel big enough to complete your job.

We also need to know if it is a ground floor dwelling or 1st or 2nd floor etc. Window glazing is done from the outside so a ladder or lifting device maybe required for repairs above ground level.

With this information we can often give a price estimate over the phone or via email. A site visit is required to give an accurate quoted price.

We are able to book jobs in within a day or two of being contacted & we will do our best to make a time that suits you. Our appointments run from 8am -4pm Monday – Thursday, 8am – 3pm Friday. We make times in 1 or 2hr blocks e.g. between 9-10am or after 2pm. We are happy to make appointments for jobs outside our normal working hours but these would incur an additional cost. Out of hours appointments can be made from 7.30am – 6pm Monday – Thursday or Saturday morning 8am-12.30pm. (Please note these appointment times are subject to the scope of work required)

Please note Baycity Glass does not repair or alter window frames but in most cases we can recommend someone who can.