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Products - Laminate Safety Glass

Laminated glass is the most readily available safety glass. It looks just like clear float glass, but is much safer in high risk areas. It is designed to hold together if it is broken. If it is broken it is held in place by the interlayer between the two layers of glass. This prevents large sharp pieces being exposed that can be harmful. The most widely used laminate is made up of 3mm glass/0.38mm interlayer/3mm glass. Thickness is referred to as 6.38mm.Laminated safety glass is used in door panels , sidelights , bathrooms , low panels (below 700mm from floor level)roof lights, schools, stairwells etc. It can be cut to size to suit most situations & is available in obscure patterns & translucent laminate (white milky look).It is available in larger thicknesses for heavy duty requirements & can be laminated to order if that is required. There are a number of laminate products on the market for noise, heat & solar properties. Unlike double glazing laminate glass can often be fitted into existing frames with little or no modification. (Hush Glass, Comfort Plus & LowE are some of the laminate products available.